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President Amani Abeid Karume inaugurated Zanzibar's new flag in February this year as part of the 41st revolutionary celebrations.
It is the first time that the islands have had their own flag since uniting with Tanganyika in 1964, to form the
United Republic of Tanzania. Zanzibaris are pleased that the flag symbolises their separate identity, though it does not mean that this is a move towards independence.

Zanzibar's new flag


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PRESIDENT KARUME SPEECH AT 42nd year celebrations

Business Times
Friday, January 13, 2006
By Bernard James

ZANZIBAR President Amani Abeid Karume has called on Zanzibaris to cherish principles of self-reliance to protect their revolution.
He said overdependency on assistance from foreign countries could jeopardise the isles revolution.
President Karume made the remarks yesterday in his speech to mark the 42nd Zanzibar revolution at the Amaan stadium.
Zanzibar revolution took place on January 12, 1964 when nationalists armed with guns, machetes, clubs and stones overthrew the Arab sultanate oligarchy.
"It is important that we live in solidarity and work hard to make our nation self reliant rather than a nation surviving through donor funding. Unless we take self-reliance seriously we would jeopardize our independence," he said.
The president, however, also used the occasion to thank donor countries, international financial institutions and development partners for their role and contributions towards Zanzibar's political and economic development.
He also thanked Zanzibaris for their confidence in him and his government as reflected in his victory in the October 30 elections held in the isles.
"CCM's victory in last year's elections is truly a reflection of your confidence in CCM policies," he said.
He said in the last five years, there had been remarkable successes in political as well as economic sectors in the Isles.
He cited the signing of CCM-CUF accord in October 2001 and the building of infrastructure as some of the leading success stories. "Zanzibar revolution aimed at emancipating the African population. Since that time, we have gone through great political, economical and social changes.
" But still we have to make sure that we uphold freedom and defend the dignity and the sovereignty of all Zanzibaris, brought by the 1964 revolution," he stressed.The ceremony was also attended by the Union President Jakaya Kikwete, Prime Minister Edward Lowassa, retired president Benjamin Mkapa, leaders of the opposition and members of the diplomatic corps.
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