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About Zanzibar

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Location: Zanzibar is an Island partner in the United Republic of Tanzania. It is located in the Indian Ocean about 35km off the coast of mainland Tanzania at Longitude 39degrees east and Latitude 6degrees south of the equator. It is an archipelago of islands, of which Pemba and Unguja Islands are the largest and there are about 50 other smaller Islands. The highest point is 390 feet above sea level.

Zanzibar Archipelago and Tanzania   Zanzibar main island

The semi-autonomous territory maintains a political union with Tanzania, but has its own parliament and president.

Language: The official Languages are Kiswahili and English.

Religion: Mainly Muslim, Hindu, Christian and traditional beliefs. Zanzibar is predominantly an Islamic society, so it is advisable to avoid wearing short skirts or skimpy tops in populated areas.

Visas: Visas are required from all visitors.
Check with any Tanzanian High Commission or Consulate.
Useful Links:
Tanzanian Embassies worldwide:
For UK:
For the USA:
Health: Tanzania is a malaria area so it is advisable to consult your doctor before travelling.

Zanzibar experiences ideal holiday weather for most of the year.  The heat of summer is often cooled by pleasant sea breezes. Being near to the equator, the islands are warm all year round, but officially, summer peaks in December and winter in June.
The Islands are blessed with an average of 7-8 hours of sunshine daily.
The long rains are from April to May, though typically it doesn't rain every day during this time.
The short rains are from October to November, the showers are short and intermittent.

In a nutshell:

· Population: 982,000 (2002, Tanzania census)

· Capital: Zanzibar

· Area: 2,461 sq km (950 sq miles)

· Major languages: Kiswahili, English

· Major religion: Islam

· Life expectancy: 42 years (men), 44 years (women)

· Monetary unit: Tanzania shilling

· Main exports: Cloves, seaweed, coconut, copra

· Internet domain: .tz

· International dialling code: +255

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